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does anyone know what asia’s doing now like what job did she get or w/e??

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This season just feels so wrong to me. I just enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 so much more, even when there were arguments between the moms everyone was still friends at the end of the day and as much as they say it I honestly don’t believe it anymore. I enjoyed way more numbers from seasons 1 and 2 compared to this season, sure a few of my overall favorites are from this season but I just feel like I enjoyed watching not only the entire show but the dances way more in previous seasons. I used to feel differently after I watched an episode, now I just kind of feel pissed off because that’s what the vibe of the show has become. I feel like the golden days of Dance Moms (and by “golden days” I just mean my favorite ~time during the show) is over and that makes me really really sad. 

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I almost got teary eyed during Chloe’s solo it’s been a while since a dance has done that idk

Zack was amazing too I feel like he’s improved a lot since AUDC

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Zack was really good. It was like he floated on air OMG idek but it was good.

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payton tweeted that she had something else to do this week so i’m just confused because leslie is always like we’re here for this team everybody leaves and we’re here and want to be here and dependable etc etc like that argument’s invalid now……..

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so why are leslie and payton not there i’m confused I thought they were “”on the team”“

omg your backkk! btw I was wondering when did u start ur blog??

I never really tried to “leave” i’m just on less because i’m busy, I try to check in at least every Tuesday lol. And I just went to my archive and my first post was March 4th, 2012. :)